The beginning
After WW II
The crisis
The comeback
AIRMAN forever  

After WW II

In 1945, with the war over and access to world markets again possible, the industry took a deep breath.

Immediately, Glycine geared up production and rapidly presented a complete range of automatic (self-winding) watches, making use of the most advanced technologies.

1952 saw the birth of the famous VACUUM chronometers, watches known for their incredible resistance to water and shocks, designed for long-term use under hostile conditions. They performed well beyond expectations.

In 1953, the AIRMAN line was presented to the world market and immediately received an enthusiastic welcome. Now, in addition to regular local time, world time was available at a glance.

The steadily growing class of jet-setters and frequent travellers readily took to the convenience of having two time zones on their wrist.

The AIRMAN line has never been absent from the Glycine selection, and is, today more than ever, the spearhead of the range.


1952: The famous vacuum watch is launched worldwide


1953: The first generation of Airman with automatic movement Felsa 692