The beginning
After WW II
The crisis
The comeback
AIRMAN forever  

Mechanics in the ascendant, the giants take over

The markets were now ready for watches of real value, and Glycine made the most of it.

Beginning in the late 90s and in quick succession, a rich assortment of mechanical watches, with steadily growing diameters, was presented to the market, from the 37 mm COMBAT to the 42 mm OBSERVER, the 44 and 46 mm INCURSORE, the 48 mm KMU and, to top it off, the 52 mm F 104, one of the biggest wrist watches ever produced.

Chronographs with the famous V 7750 and 7751 movements were added, such as the classic 46 mm STRATOFORTE, the giant GRAND CARRE 3810 and the elegant barrel-shaped ALTUS, inspired by a successful Glycine model of the 50s.

All these big size watches gave the company the status of a daring innovator that did not hesitate to push the size of its watches beyond every dimension known so far.


1998: Incursore, manual Movement UT6497, 44mm case.

2001: F104, manual Movement UT6498, 52mm case.