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AIRMAN forever  

AIRMAN forever

Already in 1953, Glycine started production of its first Airman model, a watch that has become legendary. The design and features of this watch had been worked out in close co-operation with pilots of civil and military aviation.

Undoubtedly this line gave Glycine the status of a pioneer in the field of world time watches. Over the years Airman models have never been absent from the Glycine range, even during the period when quartz movements dominated the world market. In reply to market demand, two AIRMAN models with ETA quartz movements were launched, gaining particular success in Japan and USA, where demand for real world time watches had not faded.

The year 1998 brought the long-awaited rebirth of this leader, with model ref. 3764, AIRMAN 2000. By using an exquisite ETA movement 2893-2, Glycine offered a three-time-zone timekeeper, unique in the field of 24-hour watches. The following year, the AIRMAN line was enlarged by a jumbo 46 mm watch, featuring a special locking system on the revolving top ring.

At Basel Fair 2002, a genuine world novelty was offered to the public under the name of AIRMAN 7, a watch featuring three independent self-winding movements, showing time simultaneously in four different time zones on three independent dials. The case measures a stunning 53 mm in diameter yet fits well on an average wrist. Its sapphire glass back allows for a fascinating view of three finely embellished self-winding movements.

From 1998 to this day Glycine has devloped an unbroken chain of mechanical aviation watches ranging from successively more complex world timers to unique collectors item.

Today, Glycine is active world-wide by means of a steadily growing network of agencies, allowing the company to increase production while maintaining the quality of its products. Widespread and reliable after-sale service remains an important factor in the company's growth, and Glycine is taking utmost care to provide impeccable performance in this field. Offering excellent value at reasonable prices is an important part of Glycine's philosophy. The company's strong foundation, coupled with its emphasis on rugged and reliable products, make Glycine a respected name in Swiss watchmaking today.


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2006: Airman Double 24, automatic movement ETA 2424



2008: Airman Special II, automatic movement ETA 2893-2, 24hour watch.