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Airman "DOUBLE TWELVE" – Reduced to the Max
Like every one of its predecessors, the youngest Airman “DOUBLE TWELVE” is a pilot's watch with multiple time zones. It is, however, the first Airman to use the 12-hour display (only) since the launch of the legendary Airman line in 1953. (02-26-2015)
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Airman Airfighter – Now also available in Camouflage Design
This year Glycine has taken its stunning AIRFIGHTER to the next level and dressed the dynamic timepiece in a fetching camouflage suit. This design was born of Glycine's long history of collaboration with the armed forces going way back to the last century. (02-26-2015)
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Airman "DC-4" – Designed by Pilots for Pilots
The AIRMAN "DC-4" is GLYCINE's way of paying tribute to the DC-4 built by American aircraft manufacturer Douglas Aircraft Company which was, to a great extent, the inspiration for the conception and birth of the legendary AIRMAN. (02-26-2015)
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Airman SEVEN
The Glycine watchmakers have now succeeded in building a watch for pilots and frequent travelers which again has a simultaneous display of three time zones. (12-16-2014)
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With loving care, watchmaking expertise and great attention to detail, the "AIRMAN No. 1" is now being manufactured for the second time on basis of the original plans and is presented in the legendary Airman wooden case, just as it was in 1953. (06-13-2014)
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Baselworld 2014: Airman AIRFIGHTER
Glycine reinvents the pilot chronograph to mark 100 years of watchmaking The Airman AIRFIGHTER from Glycine is a real eye-catcher and instantly attracts the full attention of any lover of exceptional watches. This masterpiece is available in three versions with a blue, red or carbon-black dial, each with matching straps. (03-21-2014)
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Baselworld 2014: F104 - Perfect harmony in the cockpit
Glycine is extending its F10 line The Glycine F104 has a flat sapphire crystal as well as a special leather strap in Pilot look with two rivets on either side.  (03-21-2014)
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100 Years of Glycine - Avant-Garde since 1914
Glycine Montres SA, the traditional Swiss watchmaking company based in Biel, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year (03-21-2014)
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Baselworld 2013
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Combat Chrono
This new timepiece will not just appeal to fans of the chronograph watch. This chronograph immediately draws you under its spell with its tastefully orchestrated interplay of colours and the meticulous design of the stylish dial. (02-20-2013)
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KMU 48
The KMU 48 is being relaunched in a steel version with black dial and an extra-large second display at the six o'clock position, as well as discreet brown hands with strong luminous material. (10-18-2012)
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KMU 48 limited
A special treat for watch lovers is the limited series of black PVD coated watches. 250 pieces of this classic contemporary watch have been made (09-28-2012)
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Airman "SST 12" Version "Milano"
This eye-catching watch bridges the link between pas and present. Available now with a classic "Milano" bracelet. (09-28-2012)
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Airman "1953 Vintage"
Tribute to a flying legend! Entirely in keeping with the Airman No. 1, the watch is only available as a 24-hour watch with two time zones, that is, as a purist design. (09-28-2012)
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Airman Base 22 "Mystery"
Perfectly timed to coincide with the onset of the mystical autumn season, Glycine has added the Base 22 "Mystery" to its impressive and distinctive AIRMAN collection. (09-28-2012)
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Baselworld 2012
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Baselworld 2011: 24th generation of the Airman
This is the watch that Airman enthusiasts have been waiting for: the Airman SST Chronograph. It is based on the legendary original model from 1968. Glycine will also be presenting the Incursore Big Date. (03-23-2011)
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Lagunare Automatic L1000:
True strength of character under water

Ten years after the first Lagunare appeared on the market, Glycine is now launching the diver watch Lagunare Automatic L1000. With a diameter of 44 millimetres, it has a more compact design than its predecessors. (01-31-2011)
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Incursore 44mm: Back to the Roots
Glycine's new Incursore models - a mechanical and a manual version - recall how this popular model began.
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Farewell to Hans Brechbühler
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Baselworld 2010: Airman - the story continues
Both classic and special designs are amongst the new Airman models to be presented by Glycine at Baselworld 2010.  (03-17-2010)
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Combat 6: Time as an eye-catcher
With the sixth generation of the Combat series, Glycine introduces both a new automatic watch and a manual wind watch to the market. Their unique function is to tell time - elegantly and without fuss.  (09-10-2009)
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Airman Clock: A legend goes digital
For friends of mechanical watches, Glycine's Airman 17 is now interpreted for the iPhone.  (04-21-2009)
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Baselworld 2009: Airman forever
Glycine demonstrates continuity, presenting two new models from their legendary Airman-Family: the Airman Double 24 09 and the Airman 7 DLC Golden Rim.
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KMU Limited 09: Trilogy completed
The origin of the KMU 48 reaches back to the world-famous military watches. Now the trilogy of the limited edition big-size classics is completed: With the new KMU Limited 09.  (03-24-2009)
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Incursore Power Reserve DLC: Speedometer
The appearance of the Incursore Power Reserve DLC reminds one of a speedometer in a car. This classy piece will be launched onto the market in a limited edition of 300 watches.
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Baselworld 2008: Matured
Glycine presents novelties at a high level: lightweight AIRMAN 7 models made from titanium and carbon fibre, the AIRMAN Chrono 08 as well as the diver watch LAGUNARE Certified Chronometer 3000. (04-02-2008)
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Two new INCURSORE Black Jacks: Play goes on
Following the successful launch of the INCURSORE Black Jack range from Glycine in autumn 2007, two new models have now been introduced. Playful but simple - and very black.
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For aficionados: AIRMAN Special II Limited Edition
"We're waiting for a new AIRMAN with a diameter of 42 millimetres," announce Glycine experts and aficionados. And now the wait is finally over: the AIRMAN Special II with 24-hour display has arrived. A watch for purists.  (01-28-2008)
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INCURSORE Black Jack: Interplay of black, red and 21
From the very first glance, Glycine's new INCURSORE Black Jack conveys simplicity and elegance in black. It's only when you look again that you notice the playful details on both chronographs, linked to the Black Jack from which it takes its name.  (09-17-2007)
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Baselworld 2007: Exclusive and classic
The AIRMAN 7 Plaza Mayor is a new highpoint in the history of pilot watches by Glycine. With its simplicity and size, this watch is a real eye catcher. Along with this exclusiveness, Glycine is also presenting a world time watch with a classic look. (04-11-2007)
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The COMBAT family is expanding
COMBAT is one of Glycine's most popular product lines and is synonymous with reliability and quality - plus an excellent price/performance ratio. Glycine is now expanding the family with a diver's watch, a chronograph and an automatic watch.
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Contrasts and colours - Innovations from Glycine
Glycine's innovations in three product lines have one thing in common: their high-contrast appearance and the continued commitment to high readability and aesthetics.  (08-31-2006)
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Baselworld 2006: Innovation meets Tradition
That tradition doesn't mean standstill is proven by Glycine at Baselworld: it presents new models - the design was inspired by legendary watches from the 60's and 90's, the technology is from today.  (03-29-2006)
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New quartz line: Glycine is expanding its collection
Glycine is reacting to an increasing demand on important sales markets and is expanding its collection with quartz watches.
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New Watches: Glycine Brightens Up Everyday Life
After presenting a number of elite pieces at Baselworld 2005, Glycine is now turning its attention to high quality everyday watches - novelties that prove that the accessories of day-to-day life do not have to be boring... (02-27-2006)
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A Legend goes Gold - New noble models by Glycine
At Baselworld 2005, Glycine presents two of its collection's masterpieces: the conspicuous oversize AIRMAN 7 Gold world time watch manufactured in luxurious rose gold, and the LAGUNARE Chronometer - the first Glycine chronometer to be launched since the 1950s. (03-30-2005)
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Four New Models: Shining Stars in Watch Skies
Glycine has introduced limited editions of two new Airman watches to the market, the Airman Special 24-hour watch and the fluorescent-dial Airman MLV. Also shining in the heavens is the new Incursore Faro and the revamped F104, now available with a silver dial. (09-13-2004)
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New markets: Glycine represented on all continents
Glycine has reinforced its global presence: the company's high quality watches are now available in Prague, Manila and Harare. The selection of a distributor in Zimbabwe means that Glycine is now represented on all five continents. (08-25-2004)
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Baselworld 2004: Glycine is taking off
Glycine presents at Baselworld 2004 the all-encompassing world time watch AIRMAN 9, the very special INCURSORE HALF HUNTER as well as its new Ambassadress, the Aerobatic Champion Pascale Alajouanine. (04-14-2004)
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Glycine Uhren bei Uhrsachen in Bern
Jetzt sind die aussergewöhnliche AIRMAN 7 und andere Glycine Modelle auch in Bern erhältlich: Bei Uhrsachen, dem Fachgeschäft für spezielle Uhren. (03-15-2004)
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