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Baselworld 2010: Airman – the story continues

Airman Base 22 – the classic Airman
It has everything an Airman needs, no more and no less. In appearance and size, it is reminiscent of the first Airman made in 1953, especially the model with a white dial. The Airman Base 22 is a watch for purists. and will be available in three versions: firstly, as a basic 24-hour watch with two time zones, secondly as a GMT version with 3 time zones and red GMT hand and finally as a frequent-flyer GMT version. This "GA version" – named after the initials of the initiator, a former pilot – allows time zone change on the easily legible main hour hand without having to stop the movement.

Airman F 104 Regulateur – evolution of the pilot watch
The F 104 is now also available as a genuine pilot watch with corresponding functions. The second time zone can be seen on the rotating bezel with its 24-hour display. However, you only recognize features of the original when you take a closer look at the Airman F 104 Regulateur. As a regulator – hour, minute and second displays run separately – the watch immediately attracts attention. Experts may be baffled by the particular arrangement of the hands. Here, the 24 hours are displayed from the centre in accordance with the requirements of a pilot's watch. The Airman F 104 Regulateur has the minute function placed at the top at the midnight position and the second function below at the midday position.

F 104 automatic and manual – new edition of the great Zampano

The original of the F 104 experiences a revival. The size of the 2010 edition is still substantial at 48 mm in diameter; however, it is 4 mm smaller than the first generation. Whereas the F 104 only used to be available with a manual movement – also as a pocket watch – today both manual and automatic versions are available.

Lagunare Chrono L1000 – the ultimate sports watch

Besides pilot watches, diver's watches are also a flagship for Glycine. This year, Glycien is presenting a diver's watch with an integrated chronograph. The Lagunare Chrono L1000 is the ultimate sports watch which still looks like a piece of jewellery despite its range of features and is an elegant accessory to a suit and tie. The Lagunare Chrono L1000 also owes its name to its water resistance. The watch is resistant to a depth of 1000 ft, which is around 300 m.  (03-17-2010)

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